What is Android Auto?

Many smartphone and gaming enthusiasts are still not sure about the concept of Android Auto, and what it has got to offer. Basically, using Android Auto implies that you can connect your Android-based smartphone to your car’s dashboard and access the operating system’s myriad features while driving.

Of course the primary purpose for which this interface has been designed, is facilitating the use of GPS and other navigation systems. Other purposes that act as add-ons or benefits include playing music, sending and receiving messages purely on auditory and verbal notes 9therefor keeping your hands free, your mind less pre-occupied and reducing the chances of accidents), using telephony with voice commands for utmost convenience, and of course carrying out web search, once again using voice commands and viewing the results on the dash board, or listening to the same instead. With the use of directional speakers, mobile antennae, proper wheel speed control, directional microphones and ergonomic buttons on the steering wheel for easy access, Android Auto is set to be the next big thing!

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