Unbeatable Android!

Be it your Android Mobile Operating System, Android TV, Android Auto or Android Wear, the fascinating world of Android has taken expansive prominence in your life. Available in over a 100 languages, no other platform has had this kind of massive impact. Of course, Apple has provided a substantial competition, and many customers swear by their iPhones and iPods, there are no two qualms about the fact that the masses adore Android. Given the cost-effectiveness of Android Phones as compared to their iPhone competitors, there is a huge market for Android Operated Smartphones and Tablets across Asia, South America and Africa.

The most admirable part about Android’s story is that the team has kept going strong despite the cut-throat smartphone wars that have been happening since the last couple of years. When the war intensified, many of its competitors such as Blackberry and Nokia perished away, but Android-based Samsung, Micromax and other cost-effective models are still going strong.

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