The Start of Android

Okay so, not many know the actual history of Android OS. It all started way back in 2003 and no Google did not develop this OS. In fact, the Android OS belonged back then to the Android. Inc – a company founded in Palo Alto by three engineers. They just wanted to build some sort of advanced software that could work with digital cameras but then soon realized that the market they were targeting was just too small. Hence, they morphed their software for the world of phones trying to compete with the likes of Windows Mobile and Symbian.

It was soon after that Google decided to get into the mobile OS world and they wanted a suitable platform. Android.Inc came into the limelight and they decided to buy the software for $50 million in 2005. The founders became employees of Google and they worked directly in building the entire Android OS back up on a Linux Kernel. Finally, in 2007 this OS was launched to the entire public resulting in the founding of OHC or the Open Handset Consortium. The first edition of Android was nicknamed the Cupcake.

As they say, the rest is really history. Adoption of android and its growth has been an astounding phenomenon. In just under a decade, this operating system has taken over the world and managed to push several major phone manufacturers and Symbian users into utter bankruptcy!

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