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5 Information Technology Tools Your Business Cant Survive Without

5 Ethical Challenges of Information Technology


For people these days that are interconnected with the web, they’ve seen how important information technology is. However, this particular convenience in life comes with its own challenges which most online users are seeing these days. These are ethical situations wherein people can sometimes be too much with others, which is because it is easy to do so unto others since they will never see the user in person. It can be dangerous since the more technology and IT has something to introduce into the market, most of the experts do not have the solution on how they are going go about through these challenges. The major concern about information technology is privacy, copyright infringement, and the heightened computer crimes.

There is even the threat of vengeful or unfaithful employees that can take advantage of information technology in order to achieve their personal goals. What makes it dangerous here is that they can use it to their advantage that can be harmful to the organization. IT is not really that bad, but the ones that use it has brought out some really serious problems that need effective solutions right away.

Here are 5 of the challenging ethical issues facing information technology.


You really do not know whether or not your security is really safe with the current advancement of technology. With the internet, hackers can find various ways on how they can have in any system or computer as long as those devices are connected online.


They can easily spot a user they are going to victimize just using the IP address so that they get to access the computer and collect all information they can get there.


Privacy is easily compromised online, given that you have provided all about your personal details, too. This is why banks warn users never to send their credit card number or account number as this can easily be traced and be taken advantage of by the hackers. Whenever you shop online, be extra careful that you don’t use unsecured methods. Always make sure that you read security tips online so that you are sure you are protected when you do financial transactions online.

Copyright infringement

Information technology made it easy for other people to access any kind of information at any time they want. With the heightened development of sharing music and photos in various sites, a lot of the original creators are losing their credibility or their authorship of the art, because IT can easily get access to such data.

Increased pressure on the IT experts

It is not only the people using the internet that is in danger or under pressure – it is also the ones behind it. Since they have to make all systems run all the time, it is only natural that they’d be pressured about ensuring the availability and accuracy of the systems.

Digital divide

IT has definitely provided a lot of opportunities to people, not to mention it helped shape up the industries in different developed countries. Yet the developing countries are the ones experiencing these difficulties of the benefits they enjoy as well associated with IT. There are areas that do not have the power to connect to the internet, making the technology left unused or unreachable by the people.

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