Fascinating Aura Of Android Wear

Tech enthusiasts have all the more reason to rejoice. The latest collection of Android Wear is more impressive than ever before, and the credit goes to the Android Marketing Team for the high degree of personalization, feature-rich devices and super-smooth interface.

Here are some of the Android Wear Devices that are in much vogue today!

  1. Asus Zen Watches- The latest version is the Asus Zen Watch 3, which boasts of suave features such as Corning Gorilla Glass, jewelry-grade 316L stainless steel, exquisite diamond cuts, multi-layered craftsmanship, and beautiful choice of leather straps, unique Italian tailoring and over 50 awesome designs to pick from. If you specifically look for tech-features, then you will find that the battery is extra-powerful and seldom needs to be charged as the watch runs on low power, delivering high performance. Asus also gives you the option of picking a customized gift box as well as additional watch faces of your choice that you can browse through by registering at the Zen Watch Manager Store.
  2. Huawei Watch- This is the first ‘smart watch venture’ of the Huawei brand, but has become quite popular owing to its cost-effectiveness. For those who are not aware, Huawei is a Chinese multinational networking corporation that has been excelling in the mass-production and supply of cost-effective tech gadgets such as smartphones and tablets. When the company launched this Android Wear Watch in September 2015 amidst tough competition, it sought to carve its own niche in the industry with a highly affordable price point. Since then, the wearable tech device has soared in popularity in the Asian and African markets.
  3. LG Watches- LG Android Watches have been known for their flawless performance and durability. Of the series of LG Watches, the LG G Watch was the first followed by the LG G Watch R. Also, came in a trendy series (targeting youngsters) with the highly popular LG Watch Urbane (1st gen). In 2015, the 2nd generation of the LG Urbane Watch was launched, and it certainly created ripples in the market. You can opt for either the silver or gold variant, and you can be absolutely assured of longevity, since there is a special dust resistance and water resistance treatment given to these watches. This is powered by a 4 MAH battery and has a heart-rate monitor, pedometer and dual microphones attached to it. Once again Corning Gorilla Glass 3 has been used, and one cannot help but gush at the gamut of fitness tracking features. A much-buy for fitness freaks who are serious about tracking, monitoring and storing various health parameters.

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