Augmented Reality Gaming And Insuring Against Mishaps

Have you hopped onto the Pokemon Go bandwagon yet? Well, then congratulations for being a part of 30 million and growing users in the world of augmented reality. It was reported somewhere that the game was downloaded more than Tinder has over the last four years and this is just in a few weeks.

Even if you aren’t into the world of augmented reality gaming, chances are you know someone who is big time into this world. People actually make money playing this and many other such games! Heck, Pokemon get stolen and the Police have to get involved.

Now there are rumors of a similar augmented reality Harry Potter game coming up. With fiction overlapping on the real world, problems that never existed are popping up.

So, how can you protect yourself if you are excited and fully invested in the augmented reality app segment?

Here’s a comprehensive list of coverage you ought to have for various situations. Sorry there is no single complete cover that takes care of it all!

  • To protect against bodily harm best get yourself a general liability that takes care of more than just body injuries but also protects against physical injury and property damage. It ought to even cover cost of any litigation too.
  • Keep a watch for terms such as intended or expected injuries such as an intentional injury that was anticipated by the insured which then is not covered under general liability. Refrain from such policies.
  • For those engaged in motor service or trade sector, you might want a complete motor business coverage policy. Likewise take out appropriate covers depending on the niche you work in. If you are salaried then ensure your company offers you sufficient protection.
  • In your general insurance be on the watch for phrases like, owned by the insured that is not covered.
  • Make sure your general liability comes with some amount of molestation and abuse sub-limit. While some companies offer this as a rider or add-on others tend to include it in their GL.
  • For assault and battery, your general liability will cover it and there usually is no catch phrase to watch out for.
  • Cyber Liability cover helps you protect against data theft and breaches.
  • Common sense also plays a factor, there are reported cases of people falling down manholes and injuring themselves. And don’t go into any areas which are restricted, one kid in the UK walked into a self-storage unit and even tried to break a lock to get a pokemon.

You can play safe and have loads of fun if you carefully address your current policy and its pitfalls, taking adequate additional riders or cover. As for companies developing augmented reality apps, there’s a lot more that you have to account for so it is best approaching special advisers for a customized cover plan.

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