Android TV

There’s nothing more fascinating than an interactive television experience, and Android 5 Operating System (more popularly referred to as ‘Lollypop’) has made it possible for you. The user-interface is simply awesome and the clarity of the smart TV is mind-blowing. Given the rising popularity of digital media, online videos and channels/subscriptions packs such as those of Netflix, Hulu, HBO and so on, Android TV has emerged as the most popular smart TV platform, much more popular than the erstwhile Google TV. Needless to state, the Voice Search Feature is simply incredible, and so is the seamless compatibility with all global TV brands such as Philips, Sharp and Sony.

If you’re still wondering if getting an Android TV Subscription would be the right thing for you, here are a few reasons that’ll push you towards taking the plunge!

  • High Degree of Versatility- You can access the Google Store directly to download and play movies, songs, videos, soaps, game shows, documentaries and so on, to your heart’s content.
  • Yet another reason to opt for an Android TV is that even if you do not have the Nexus Player, you can very well opt for the same through compatible television sets offered by manufacturing giants like Sharp, Philips and Sony.
  • For casual gaming enthusiasts, there’s fantastic news because Android TV has a digital format that supports easy downloading and playing of scores of games from the Google Store.
  • Given the brilliant online soaps, documentaries and other content, you have to give the Android TV a must-try. This is any day going to be more riveting and entertaining than your regular cable TV. For those who are wondering about costs, the same needs to be analyzed in the long run.
  • The sluggish interface of Google TV is all gone; what we have before us is a brand-new, user-friendly platform that runs like cakewalk!

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