The Start of Android

Okay so, not many know the actual history of Android OS. It all started way back in 2003 and no Google did not develop this OS. In fact, the Android OS belonged back then to the Android. Inc – a company founded in Palo Alto by three engineers. They just wanted to build some sort of advanced software that could work with digital cameras but then soon realized that the market they were targeting was just too small. [...]

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What is Android Auto?

Many smartphone and gaming enthusiasts are still not sure about the concept of Android Auto, and what it has got to offer. Basically, using Android Auto implies that you can connect your Android-based smartphone to your car’s dashboard and access the operating system’s myriad features while driving. Of course the primary purpose for which this interface has been designed, is facilitating the use of GPS and other navigation systems. [...]

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Latest Android Phones For The Budget Buyer!

With the overwhelming variety of Android Phones in the market and newer versions being launched almost every month, it is very difficult to make a final selection. When you look at online smartphone reviews, please cross-check the authenticity of the website, and whether the ratings provided have been done by industry experts or certified buyers. Many a times, affiliate marketing practices lead way to web masters putting up fake reviews, without even looking at the device. [...]

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Android TV

There’s nothing more fascinating than an interactive television experience, and Android 5 Operating System (more popularly referred to as ‘Lollypop’) has made it possible for you. The user-interface is simply awesome and the clarity of the smart TV is mind-blowing. Given the rising popularity of digital media, online videos and channels/subscriptions packs such as those of Netflix, Hulu, HBO and so on, Android TV has emerged as the most popular smart TV platform, much more popular than the erstwhile Google TV. [...]

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Unbeatable Android!

Be it your Android Mobile Operating System, Android TV, Android Auto or Android Wear, the fascinating world of Android has taken expansive prominence in your life. Available in over a 100 languages, no other platform has had this kind of massive impact. Of course, Apple has provided a substantial competition, and many customers swear by their iPhones and iPods, there are no two qualms about the fact that the masses adore Android. [...]

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